How to set up Google shopping

Google shopping ad

What is google shopping?

If you have searched on google for something that is a product or google believes it is a product, there is a good chance you saw the Google shopping ads.

Google shopping ad

How do you get your products in there?

There are two parts to doing this:

Part 1: Merchant account.

If you don’t have a google merchant account yet, you will have to establish one here:
Next you will have to let google know of all your products by creating a feed file that contains the products and the information required by google.

You can read about the merchant account here:

Some samples and format of the feed:

Part 2: Ad Words account

If you don’t have an ad word account created yet, you will have to establish one here:

Next you will create a new campaign and select the Shopping kind campaign. If your Merchant account and Ad words are linked, google will automatically recognize all your products.

As oppose text campaigns, google determines the keywords to use. These are based on your title, description and information on the product page you link to.