Visual boards


Do you use visual boards?

I do. When I am working on a small detail sometimes I forget what the goal is or see the bigger picture. If it is visually infront of me, it helps.
These “wheel helpers” are some visual ques I use when working on my marketing material.

Traffic that converts

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources I selected

Select traffic sources

There are endless options to bring traffic to your store but don’t dabble in all. Instead choose a few. I use the board to remind me which ones I am concentrating on and not get distracted by the endless options. Also, when I am working in that area, the board remind me of the purpose!

Stay In touch

Stay in touch with the customer

Stay in touch with your audience

Once someone discovered you, it might take a while until they purchase. In the meantime you don’t want them to forget about you. This borad reminds me why I send emails or post on social media.


Who are you talking to?

Whenever I write an email, post anything or update my website I look at this board to see if what I write or post is appropriate to my audience.